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We automatically provide each VPS with free backup storage to a different SAN. You can backup & restore directly from the portal all by yourself!

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Our Self-Service Portal allows you to start/stop, re-image, or even VNC into your VPS for COMPLETE CONTROL.

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With our uptime guarantee you can rest easy knowing your VPS will always remain up.

DDoS Protection

All of our VPS packages come with DDoS Protection and it works automatically!

Money-back Guarantee

We have a no hassle 7 day money-back guarantee.

High Performance

Our servers feature Enterprise Intel CPUs and we NEVER use any desktop parts.

Redundant, High Speed Network

Our network features multiple paths over high speed links to ensure you can always get to your data.

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VPS Frequently Asked Questions

What does VPS mean?

VPS is Virtual Private Server. It is a secure, isolated virtual machine running on a Dedicated Server. You can think of a VPS as if it were a cheaper dedicated server. Sometimes a VPS can be faster than some dedicated servers. It all depends on the resources assigned to the VPS like CPU, RAM, and the Disk type. At ArticHost we only use enterprise Intel parts and SSDs for the best and cheap vps hosting.

What is the difference between shared hosting and vps hosting?

Shared hosting means you are running your website on a dedicated server or VPS. It is the cheapest option to run a website. It can be great for very low traffic sites, but there are restrictions. If your website takes too many resources on the shared hosting server then you are limited or forced to buy a VPS or dedicated server. The difference between shared hosting and vps hosting can mean your website running slow vs fast.

What are the disadvantages of vps hosting?

The disadvantages of VPS hosting mostly revolve around management. If you are comfortable using your Google skills and learning, then we recommend starting with unmanaged plans. If you have never used a VPS before and want to host websites, we recommend going for a managed VPS plan. The disadvantages of vps hosting can result in your website not working properly if you aren't managing it correctly.

Do I need VPS Hosting?

To answer this question we must ask you some questions. Is your current hosting provider not fast enough? Is your current provider limiting you on CPU, DISK, or RAM of your websites? Do you want more control of your websites, like custimizaiton of PHP? Do you want your website or application to run faster?

Can I host multiple websites on a VPS?

You can host multiple websites on a VPS. The VPS is totally yours to do whatever you want with. The majority of our customers host multiple websites on their VPS.

How many websites can you host on a vps?

That answer all depends on the VPS plan you choose. For example if you choose the LIN-SSD-1 you can probably run at least 1-3 low traffic websites. If these websites start getting more traffic or you notice slowness (mostly due to having just 1 CPU) then you can just upgrade to the LIN-SSD-S2 package. We have found that this VPS package is the sweet spot for running dozens of moderate traffic websites. It's also important to note that the website optimizations and caching make a HUGE difference in how many websites you can host on a vps. Be sure to enable caching in memory, and try to use Cloudflare's free service package to speed up your site

How to Migrate from Shared Hosting to VPS?

We get asked quite a bit on how to migrate from shared hosting to VPS. Here at ArticHost we will migrate your websites for free as long as you open up a ticket. If you'd like to do it on your own you must start with identifying requirements like LAMP (linux apache mysql php) or LEMP (linux nginx mysql php). Once you have the web stack created (which only takes a few commands really) then you can begin to move your files and database. On your new server don't forget to create the same username/password for the local database. Then import a dump of your previous database. You should now make sure that your script (like wordpress for example) has the correct configuration in its settings like DB name, user, pass. Once you've moved the resources you can then change your DNS record to point to your ArticHost VPS and that is how you'd migrate from shared hosting to VPS.

Is VPS Hosting Worth it?

Absolutely VPS hosting is worth it. We have countless customers who switched from Shared hosting providers to our VPS plans and their websites run much faster. No more limitations on RAM or high CPU that they saw with their old Shared hosting provider. If you want a fast website, it needs to run on a VPS.

What is SSD VPS Hosting?

SSD VPS Hosting is the concept of only using Solid State Drives (SSDs) to provide the fast storage solution possible to customers. Nowawadays it's the gold standard for running websites, applications, databases, gameservers, and everything else on a VPS. With SSD VPS Hosting we can now offer customers the fastest boot up times and disk read/write speeds. At ArticHost we only use SSDs in a redundant Storage Area Network (SAN). Most providers just have SSDs locally on server and they don't back up your data. We do it differently. We replicate our SSD SAN (storage server) to another SSD SAN daily in case of major issues.

Is VPS hosting faster than shared?

Almost always the answer to this is yes. The majority of shared hosting providers (like Hostgator or GoDaddy) limit you heavily on how much CPU, RAM, and DISK speed you can use. That's because they have HUNDREDS of people on the same server. With a VPS you have just 1 person on the server, you. The only time VPS hosting is not faster than shared is when you are buying a VPS without an SSD. Here at ArticHost we only use SSDs for our servers to give you a vps much faster than Shared hosting.

Have more questions on VPS Hosting? See our beginner VPS Hosting FAQ for more answers. Beginner FAQ