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Create email aliases on your domains and have them delivered to your inbox.
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$ 60
Per Year
  • Up to 25 Domains
  • SMTP Access to Send Emails
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$ 99
Per Year
  • Up to 125 Domains
  • SMTP Access to Send Emails
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$ 179
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  • Up to 250 Domains
  • SMTP Access to Send Emails
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Why ForwardMX is the Best Email Forwarding Service for Easy Management and Security

In today's fast-paced digital world, managing multiple email addresses can be a daunting task. That's where ForwardMX steps in, offering a seamless email forwarding service that ensures you never miss an important message. Whether you're a freelancer juggling various client communications or a business owner streamlining your operations, ForwardMX simplifies your email management.

Imagine consolidating all your emails into one inbox without the hassle of constantly switching between accounts. With ForwardMX, you can effortlessly forward emails from multiple addresses to a single destination, saving you time and reducing stress. It's a game-changer for anyone looking to enhance their email efficiency and stay organized in a cluttered digital landscape.

Overview of Email Forwarding Service From ForwardMX

ForwardMX consolidates multiple email accounts into one streamlined inbox. This service benefits freelancers, business owners, and individuals.

How It Works

Sign up with ForwardMX and provide your domain name. Configure your domain's DNS settings with the instructions provided. ForwardMX directs all emails from your domain to your chosen primary email account. Integration is quick, with minimal technical know-how required. Prospective users can be assured that the setup process is straightforward.

Key Features

  • Custom Email Addresses: Create customized email addresses under your domain.
  • Multiple Recipients: Forward emails to one or several addresses based on preferences.
  • Spam Filtering: Built-in spam filtering reduces unwanted messages.
  • Easy Management: Intuitive interface for configuring and managing the service.
  • High Reliability: Assured uptime and quick delivery through robust infrastructure.
  • Data Security: Advanced encryption protects your email data from unauthorized access.

These features ensure efficient email management and enhanced security. ForwardMX offers a reliable solution for handling emails from multiple accounts efficiently.

Benefits of Using ForwardMX

Utilizing ForwardMX simplifies email management and boosts security. Its features address common email challenges effectively.

Improved Email Management

ForwardMX centralizes your emails by directing them to a single inbox. This consolidation reduces clutter and the need to check multiple accounts. For instance, you can merge personal and professional emails into one primary address. ForwardMX also allows customization of email addresses, enabling you to create unique addresses for specific purposes. These addresses help organize incoming emails by category or priority. The service supports multiple recipients, meaning you can set up emails to be forwarded to several addresses instantly.

Enhanced Security Features

ForwardMX incorporates advanced security measures to protect your data. Spam filtering features block unwanted emails, minimizing the risk of phishing attacks. ForwardMX consistently updates its security protocols to counter emerging threats, keeping your information safe.


ForwardMX stands out as a top-tier email forwarding service, offering unmatched features and affordability. With its competitive pricing, robust spam filtering, and unlimited address management, it provides a comprehensive solution for consolidating your emails. Enjoy enhanced security and seamless email management with ForwardMX, making it the ideal choice for anyone looking to streamline their digital communication.